Know what is happening with your beer! Utilizing out TapNet Technology, illumitap beer handles not only provide sensory marketing, but allows you to keep track of how often your beer is poured, how long the pour lasts, the increase/decrease of pours based on various illumitap triggers or times etc. By providing these metrics – illumitap changes the way you pour, sell and grow your brand.

Illumitap provides you with unrivaled, grassroots marketing through our patented, wireless LED technology. Each custom-made Illumitap handle is designed to capitalize on sensory marketing. By having a light-up beer tap handle, you instantly stand out at the crowded bar – but more importantly, using RFID you can trigger your illumitap handle to fire off on any metrics – sports teams, weather, special dates or times – the power is in your hands!

You’ve got the handle, you’ve got the metrics, now to take action! illumitap provides you with an unrivaled ability to connect with customers, drive loyalty to your brand, and encourage consumption through potential engagement reward programs and push notifications. Brand new keg? Fresh tap? New microbrew? use your illumitap to get the message out, and drive sales of your beverage!